How Lacuna Works – It’s Simple

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How Lacuna Works

It's simple!

If You Are A Lawyer

If You Are A Lawyer

  • Work with your own clients and referrals from our network
  • Focus on delivering value for your clients while Lacuna takes care of the rest
  • Build your own practice, develop your profile, expand your network and grow your career
  • Flexibility to work your way

If You Need A Lawyer

If You Need A Lawyer

  • Choose the lawyer you want to work with based on the expertise you need
  • Agree the work scope, engagement and price directly with your lawyer
  • Focus on priorities knowing your legal work is being completed effectively and efficiently without surprises

Meanwhile Lacuna Supports Lawyers

Meanwhile Lacuna Supports Lawyers

  • Takes care of the big stuff, and the little things, so you can focus on your clients and what you do best
  • Provides support and services you would find in a large law firm but without the Big Law feel
  • Builds a community of lawyers and network of clients
  • Packages flexible services to meet your practice and business needs

A new approach to service

Changing lawyers' lives and innovating for clients - one person at a time

Lacuna is not a law firm

Lacuna supports a community of senior, experienced and independent lawyers by providing essential management, administration and office support found in large law firms.

Clients choose the lawyer they want to work with or the service they need from Lacuna's network and agree to scope of work, price and timeframe with the lawyer.

Lawyers focus on delivering value to clients through effective and efficient legal services independently while building their career and client base, all the time being supported by Lacuna.





About Us

After years of working in large law firms, we were questioning the compatibility of our careers and our lives outside the office.

We still enjoyed the challenges of professional work, delivering solutions for our clients and collegiality of our workplace. However, the pressure of always being accessible even if working part-time, delivering significant administrative tasks and ever-increasing billable targets did not leave the time or energy for the other things that mattered in our lives.

Stepping off the treadmill, we took some time out and thought about what needed to change for us to "have it all". To us that meant careers and lives that were meaningful.

We met a lot of people looking for similar solutions but could not find something that would be flexible enough to adapt to different stages of our careers and different seasons of our lives.

So we decided to create it - welcome to Lacuna!


Upcoming Events

Lacuna regularly hosts events, get togethers and informative workshops for lawyers and clients, with engaging and entertaining guest speakers. Our promise to you is that these gatherings will be relevant, valuable and fun, providing you with the opportunity to meet other lawyers, potential clients and old and new friends.



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