About Lacuna

Hi - welcome to Lacuna.

We are Allison and Bronwyn.

Between us we:

  • Have more than 45 years’ experience working in law firms and the professional service industry, as partners, lawyers and as business development and client relationship specialists;
  • Have five children who are in primary and secondary schools;
  • Have an extended circle of family and friends; and
  • Hold roles within our communities and have interests outside of work.

Lacuna was established to provide lawyers with options about how they work with their clients in a way that takes advantage of the digital age.

Delivering the same great service but instead of letting work take over our lives, Lacuna helps lawyers take back control.

Years of working at large law firms convinced us that law careers could be different, and alternative paths were needed as people’s lives changed.

Yes – lawyers are people!

People with families, friends, interests and commitments that were competing with the demands of work and the billable hour, which is relentless and follows us home in the evening and on the weekends.

Over and over we were saying there must be a better way.

Lives change, priorities shift and things happen and we wanted to find a way to help lawyers keep building their careers, networks and businesses so they had more control with similar levels of support and could keep their options open in the future.

At Lacuna we believe:

  • Lawyers should have enough time in their lives for their families and friends, other interests and to be part of their communities;
  • Clients should be able to work with the lawyer of their choice; and
  • Hourly rates should not prohibit access to senior and experienced lawyers;

Our focus is on supporting and building a community of lawyers and network of clients who want to do things differently by focusing on delivering great service and effective solutions.

Come talk to us – we love meeting new people and hearing their stories.

You can find out more about Lacuna and see if it might be a solution for you.

Our Team

Allison Warburton | LLB (Hons), BA

I am a senior legal practitioner, experienced company director and mother of two young children.

For 18 years, I was a partner with Minter Ellison, a Big 6 Australian law firm, where I led the firm’s national Climate Change practice and served in various management roles including the firm’s Innovation Council and Partner Selection Committee.

As a senior partner in a large law firm, I saw firsthand how challenging it had become for lawyers to successfully manage their legal careers.

The commitments in their working lives made it very difficult for lawyers to be involved with their families and to participate in their broader communities. It seemed to me that this was taking a toll on their health and their happiness.

We established Lacuna Legal Providers to provide lawyers with an another option - a way for lawyers to continue a rewarding and satisfying legal career as well as enjoying their lives outside of the law.

In addition to co-founding Lacuna Legal, I am a Commissioner at the Australian Energy Market Commission, the rule making and advisory body for the Australian national energy markets. In 2016, I was one of five independent expert panel members appointed by the Queensland Government to conduct an inquiry to guide the development of a renewable energy strategy for Queensland. I also served as a non-executive director for energy company Stanwell Corporation Limited, from 2016 to 2018.

Bronwyn Eynon-Lewis | LLB, GAICD

I am a lawyer admitted to practice in Queensland and New York. In 2005 I was expecting our first child so moved to a business development and marketing role at White & Case in Hong Kong. In 2008 I was promoted to manage the marketing team across five offices in Asia.

In 2012 I returned to Australia with our family and joined MinterEllison as a national business development specialist focusing on clients and industry groups.

I left in 2017 to help lawyers and firms by coaching people to build sustainable and enduring careers in law without sacrificing other aspects of their lives. Through this experience, and long discussions with many generous people about how things could be better, our plan for Lacuna began to form.

As a co-founder of Lacuna, I work with independent lawyers to bring focus and clarity to their career objectives, build in their other goals and commitments, then develop a plan and provide the support needed to set them up for success.

I am happiest at work when helping others to progress their careers, achieve their goals and build successful and rewarding careers and businesses.

Seeing people succeed gives me the greatest career satisfaction - it is why I do what I do.